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Live Life and don’t let life live you

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Live Life and don’t let life live you

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Live Life and don’t let life live you

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Licensed with over
20 years of experience

Helping people get to the next level of achievements without having their time wasted on techniques that does not help them and show them a path of trust and healing for their future.

What we DO

Swedish Sports

Swedish  the muscles and connective tissues are warmed up by using smooth, long and sweeping strokes called effleurage. This is when the therapist evaluates your muscle tension and spreads the lotion or oil across your body. When the tissues are warmed up, deeper tissues will be worked on using heavier strokes

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage aims to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The massage therapist will slowly press their fingers into the skin with pressure. They will use slow, firm strokes to target deep tissues, Overall targeting specific trigger points/knots in the muscles.


Shiatsu is a form of massage that utilizes the hands, thumb, or other body parts, to apply direct pressure on various points or channels in the body.

License verified

License verified

27 years in business

27 years in business

Best in town

Best in town

who we are

Licensed with over 20 years of experience we Provide Only Deep Tissue Massage Therapy NMT. Specialize in working with Sciatic Lower back issues along with neck injuries. Runners Plantarfacititis and just athletes that need serious Deep Tissue that’s hard to find anywhere else.


Being passionate about what I do helps my work stand out from the rest.

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“The BEST experience! My body feels amazing!” June 13th, 2022

Bernard Askew

Courtney is the best for deep tissue massage. I’ve been using him for over 12 years. You can’t go wrong. Highly recommended!

Sequoia Massage Therapy (owner).

Andy, thank you for your continued support and believing in this therapeutic work to keep you being productive.!

Andy Wolfe

Courtney has made a real difference in my ability to be more active. His massage as well as his counsel on sleeping positions have helped me make changes that are very beneficial. Who knew that sleeping on my arms, both left and right , would adversely affect the mobility in my thumb and exacerbate the development of arthritis in my right thumb. A bad thing which effects my ability to open jars or play pickle ball. It is a constant battle but without Courtney to help get things moving again, when I fail at attempts to correct my sleeping, this situation would continue to get worse. Definitely a work in progress, but well worth the effort.

Sequoia Massage Therapy (owner)

Thank you for your consistent support and believing in the work that is helping you progress more in your everyday living.

Deborah Hubert

I started seeing Courtney three years ago when living in Atlanta. Though I soon after moved to Denver, I book an appointment (sometimes multiple) on EVERY visit back. I can’t sing his praises loudly enough. Whether you’re an old friend with whom I’m catching up, family, or the random guy chatting with me on a 4 hour flight, I will at some point bring up the miracles worked by Courtney. I gifted my mother a visit and she couldn’t stop gushing about him. He brought a lot of relief to a knee injury she’s suffered through for almost 20 years. His only downside is my inability to convince him to move to Denver. In particular, I’ve had two injuries (knee and shoulder) I’ve seen multiple doctors’s about (over several years), with disappointing results. I was able to successfully address them with visits with Courtney. Courtney also accepts HSA’s.

Sequoia Massage Therapy

Bailey, Thanks so much for being so supportive and appreciate you believing in the foundation that this therapeutic work was meant for.


Courtney made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He talks you through everything he is doing and why he is doing it. He is very informative as well and gives great advice on how to be preventative in order to not suffer from any pain going forward.

Austin McEwen

HIGHLY Recommend! Best Massage Therapist I have encountered thus far. Courtney excels in deep tissue work and if you have ANY chronic pain I can guarantee he will provide and deliver results 100%. Book 90min minimum… your body will thank you for it later. Thank you Courtney for helping me live life much easier and pain free.

Dannielle Smith

Courtney is the BEST sports massage therapist in Atlanta, from my experience. He has treated several significant running injuries I’ve had, such as tendonitis, in a matter of a couple of sessions. He is very thorough with both his diagnosis and treatment. Overall, I would highly recommend him, especially for athletes looking to minimize their downtime. Jun 9, 2017

Catherine T.

Courtney is amazing. He has truly saved me from getting surgery. His knowledge of muscle anatomy and kinesiology is impressive; he truly practices what he preaches (even for someone like me who has a PHD in physiology). I have since moved from Atlanta and I have yet to find someone as good as Courtney. I doubt I ever will. He set the bar really really high.

Sequoia Massage Therapy’s reply:

Thank you Allison for being so supportive and understanding the craft behind Deep tissue massage.

Allison B.

Courtney is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. I’ve been going to him for 15 years and although I’ve moved to NY and now SF, I cannot find anyone as knowledgeable or talented as Courtney to take care of me. He just knows what your body needs by a few questions and assessments and adjusts your treatment accordingly. At the end of every session I always feel like a different (better) person.

Sequoia Massage Therapy’s reply:

Kim, Thank you for being so supportive.

Kim F.

Courtney is a healer. I really don’t need to say more than that. He has an inert knowledge of what’s hurting and delves into the heart of the matter effectively. He is humble, strong, graceful, giving and concerned about your wellness.

I highly and absolutely recommend Sequoia Massage!!!

Vy Vibes

Courtney is an amazing massage therapist. I have several major issues that he works on and without his magical hands, I would not be walking or feeling anywhere near how good I feel. He takes the time with you and makes sure that he works out all your issues prior to letting you walk out that door. He is one of the kindest souls I know. Come check him out for yourself!!

Cheryl Ziemba Solan

Courtney is the best massage therapist I have ever been to! I highly recommend his service to anyone in need of an excellent therapist.

Susan L. Ogletree

“Courtney is an absolutely amazing therapist. I met him in 2010, about five and a half years ago. When I came to him, I was an avid runner who put in tons of mileage and was training for a tough ultra marathon. I had been having terrible debilitating back pain which extended into my hamstring, groin and down my leg. I had tried spine doctors, chiropractors, an exercise physiologist, physical therapy – and nothing worked! I was frustrated and miserable and unable to do what I loved. I was at an auction to support the victims of the Haitian earthquake disaster when I won a gift certificate to Blue Med Spa, where Courtney was working at the time. I decided to give massage a try, as I was not interested in their other services. I got paired up with Courtney, and from day one he was amazing. In just a few sessions, Courtney completely healed me! I have stuck with him ever since and no matter what abuse I do to my body (I particularly like ultra marathon distances – anything over a marathon or over a series of days), Courtney repairs! He literally keeps me running and keeps me sane! When I first met Courtney, I was also working at a law firm – hunched at a computer for endless hours each day and week. My neck constantly hurt and my shoulders and posture were a mess. Another thing that Courtney cured! He is an amazing therapist but also just a kind soul and amazing person. You would be remiss to not check out his services at Sequoia Massage Therapy. Seriously, you will wonder what you waited for!”.

Elizabeth George

Massage Therapy

Simply stated, best deep tissue massage ever!

Sequoia Massage Therapy’s reply

Thank you! Look forward to seeing you again!


David G.